3M3A was formed in 2015 primarily to assist stakeholders in the effective management and procurement of TV, radio and online audience measurement systems.

3M3A has wide experience around the world in both advanced and developing systems –  each environment is treated as unique.

Europe Middle East Africa Latin America

We know technical, cultural or commercial reality means what works in one country can’t just be transplanted elsewhere.

We also know that many marketers demand standardised and harmonised data across markets.

3M3A works with stakeholders to help them adapt to market needs while applying best global practices.

We know that negotiating with vendors, managing projects and evaluating results is easier when working with people who’ve been there and done that.

As of November 2023 3M3A is registered as 3M3A Global, based in Norway Org no 922 184 518


3M3A’s expertise includes:

  • Writing and managing tenders, RFPs and briefs
  • Vendor assessment, selection and negotiation
  • Project management, change management and implementation
  • KPI setting and evaluation
  • Independent arbitration and reports
  • Audit and monitoring
  • Metadata structure and systems
  • Verification and Competitive adspend monitoring
  • Audience Software systems
  • Digital measurement
  • Cross platform measurement
  • Commercial planning and advice
  • Data analysis and insight
  • Model building and verification
  • Strategic consultancy

3M3A Approach

  • Every engagement is led by one of the principal partners, depending on the area of expertise.
  • With wide experience and background 3M3A can call on associates and specialists to contribute as necessary.
  • Deliverables such as reports, audits and evaluations are reviewed by agreed 3rd party experts to ensure high standards, independent analysis and appropriate advice.