The JIC Picture

The industry talks about JICs, MOCs and other TAM ownership structures as models to follow in emerging and developing markets. But what are the common features and is there even such a thing as a typical JIC?

In keeping with the theme of African research and global connections, this paper looks specifically at the ownership, governance and financing of TAM ownership structures around the world to draw lessons about adapting and developing models in different environments such as in Africa and other emerging TAM regions.


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About the Author:

Christopher O’Hearn established and led ‘tview’ in the UAE, the first large-scale TAM system in the Middle East as head of the JIC. He conducted vendor contract, joint-venture negotiation, marketing, branding and recruitment. Christopher is a project management expert and consultant specialising in media, with experience in UK and Middle East. He has a Masters degree in Project Management. His past projects include: Complete Pay TV platform setup; major studio and facility construction and fitout; media business planning and consultancy; production and journalism.

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